On this page you will find any courses and events that have interest to Eurythmy Therapists that the Eurythmy Therapy Association is aware of. Please follow any links for an event if they are given or for events organised by the ETA, please contact


Eurythmy Therapy Training Easter 2023

20 – 24, 27 MAR – 1, 3 – 7, 10 – 14 APR Emerson College RH18 5JX

If you are a eurythmy therapist or a doctor, please do consider joining us if the topic interests you. Psychiatry, Neurology, Eurythmy Therapy>>

2023 Medical Section Conference

26 – 28 MAY The Glasshouse College, DY8 4HF

More info coming soon>>

The Annual ACESTA Conference

27 – 29 MAY Emerson College, RH18 9JX

More info can be found in the Anthroposophical Care Education and Social Therapy Association website>>

Friday 21st July – Thursday 27th July

Eurythmy4you Healing Trauma Gathering in London 2023

As a further step to the Eurythmy4you on-line Trauma Conference we are proposing an open-minded experiential working week to deepen and explore together our connection to this theme.


Towards an understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s Pastoral-Medical Course Constitutional Health – Mental Health – Karmic Health*

14 APR Zoom 19:30

Aaron Mirkin is a priest of the Christian Community based in Stroud. >>

How can Modern Medicine become “Christianised“?*

5 MAY Zoom 19:30

In his lectures to young doctors Rudolf Steiner spoke about modern medicine being like a “foreign body” in European culture, and that it needed to be christianised. How can we understand this? And how can we work with this impulse at a time when it becomes increasingly difficult to practise anthroposophic medicine and defend it against the encroaching materialist-mechanistic paradigms?>>

The Meditative Path of the Therapist*

17 JUN Zoom 17:30

Matthias Girke is the Leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Switzerland, as well as co-founder and consultant for internal medicine at the anthroposophic hospital ‘Klinik Havelhöhe’ in Berlin.>>


The Annual Medical Conference at the Goetheanum

12 -17 SEP Goetheanum

“Body and I – The Immune System and Autoimmune Disease”. We will work on the relationship between the individuality and the body and develop a deeper understanding of the development of the human immune system and common autoimmune diseases in which “the body turns alien”, as well as discussing their therapies.>>

Increasing Autoimmune Diseases among Children: the Symptoms – the Causes – the Witnesses – Prevention and Healing. 

12 -14 SEP Goetheanum: Eurythmy Therapy conference: Autoimmune diseases – LAOUM and TSRMA research and exchange.




Invitation to an Online Group for Anthroposophic Medical Practitioners. This group is for therapists who work on their own without a doctor and without a team and provides a space where questions that arise from practice can be asked and explored. The group is run by Dr Frank Mulder, a UK-based, retired anthroposophical GP. He provides half an hour of his time twice a month to talk about anything medical and to answer any medical questions. The sessions take place on Zoom on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 8.30-9am. This group is for all therapists who work with patients from an anthroposophical viewpoint. Everyone is free to bring questions and share experiences in the group and there is space to talk about anything medical. There are some general themes that are discussed, sometimes over several sessions, but the sessions do not have a continuous thread like in a study group and any questions that arise can be incorporated or can become the next theme. The group’s host is eurythmy therapist Rebecca Paten. All requests to join and general questions can be emailed to