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Invitation to an Online Group for Anthroposophic Medical Practitioners. This group is for therapists who work on their own without a doctor and without a team and provides a space where questions that arise from practice can be asked and explored. The group is run by Dr Frank Mulder, a UK-based, retired anthroposophical GP. He provides half an hour of his time twice a month to talk about anything medical and to answer any medical questions. The sessions take place on Zoom on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 8.30-9am. This group is for all therapists who work with patients from an anthroposophical viewpoint. Everyone is free to bring questions and share experiences in the group and there is space to talk about anything medical. There are some general themes that are discussed, sometimes over several sessions, but the sessions do not have a continuous thread like in a study group and any questions that arise can be incorporated or can become the next theme. The group’s host is eurythmy therapist Rebecca Paten. All requests to join and general questions can be emailed to