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September 2019

Medical Section Conference Goetheanum 2019

11-12 September 2019: School work for the annual conference of the Medical Section with Dr Matthias Girke, Dr Marion Debus and Dr Peter Selg

12-15 September 2019: International annual conference “Human Soul! Motion and Emotion – Living Resonance”  See

24 – 27 October 2019 Pastoral Medicine . Conference for Class Members active in the Medical Section at The Mount Camphill Community, Wadhurst. Work on the Pastoral Medicine course lecture 5 and Class Lesson 6. ‘ We will have special contributions on ways to protect and strengthen children in the face of today’s risk of ‘over-cleverness’, including the sacraments, clinical, educational and parental measures.’

for further info contact David McGavin:  Closing date 7/10

November 23 – 24th 2019. Weaving and Working with Seven Meditations Given to Yong Doctors by Rudolf Steiner

Warmth Meditation, ‘You Healing Spirits’, Power of Radiance@ ‘Once in olden Times’, ‘look what is Joining in the cosmos’, ‘Feel in the fever’s measure’, ‘Shove man’s earliest times’.

Dr Broder von Laue will be with us to weave together these 7 meditations. for more info please contact: Saskia Renkema or Susanne Koszyk


29th Feb – 1st March 2020: Stroud

Details to follow

Organisers: Eurythmy Therapy Association .