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The beginnings of Eurythmy Therapy

Booklet by Elisabeth Baumann on the exercises given in the Eurythmy Therapy course and in her work with Rudolf Steiner

The inner schooling of the therapist.[1596]  
Elke Neukirch from the book: From Eurythmy to Eurythmy Therapy

Elka Neukirch – Research on development of eurythmy to eurythmy therapy

Article on ET A D’Amico
outcome measures developed at Freeman College, Sheffield

Movement meditations and ET indications in Neurological Disease, Dr Katharina Gerlach

Eurythmy therapy and body related meditations

Tab. 1 Indications for body related meditations and verses in neurological illnesses 1.10 EN

Table 2- Eurythmy exercises with therapeutic indications relevant to neurological illnesses, from the early years of Eurythmy

Tab.3 Medical histories of neurological diseases- diagnosis, eurythmy therapy and meditation