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Eurythmy Therapy Training starting Easter 2019

Eurythmy Therapy Training in Stroud

At Easter we graduated thirteen students who all received their Medical Section certificate and an MA in Eurythmy Therapy. Congratulations to them!

In March 2019 we will begin with a new course. It will again be part-time, finishing at Easter in 2021. The details and dates can be seen on our website at www.eurythmytherapytraining.org.uk

Ursula Browning will be stepping back from the carrying and organising of the course, although she will continue to teach. Brenda Newton and Katherine Beaven will be taking up Ursula’s tasks and joining me as co-carriers. Thanks to Ursula for her many years of excellent work and supportive colleagueship!

For the next course it looks like we will have a large group of applicants from all over the world. If you are interested in joining please get in touch soon, as we may need to limit the numbers.

Shaina Stoehr

MA in Eurythmy Therapy September 2018

In the autumn of 2018 we will be starting our third cycle of a research Master’s program for professional eurythmists, delivered in English at Emerson College in Sussex, England. Some of the aims of this course are to deepen our own practice, explore our own questions, and to learn methods of research that can place eurythmy more firmly into a wider context. It has also proved to be a wonderful way to connect with colleagues and expand our circles of support. The Master’s Degree that is awarded by Alanus University is internationally recognised.

As a further development of the program we are now offering a teacher training for eurythmists, by extending the blocks with the addition of one week with specialists in the field of education.

MA in Eurythmy 2018 – Overview

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Coralee Frederickson and Shaina Stoehr